Registering a co‑operative

We can support you every step of the way when registering your co‑op. Read on about the areas we can support you.

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Register a co-op



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Society and Company registrations

Co‑operatives UK offers two levels of registration packages, for registering both Societies and companies.

  • Lite Package: A complete registration service using Co‑operatives UK's pre-existing model governing documents.
  • Advanced Package: A bespoke service enabling you to adapt Co‑operatives UK's model governing documents for your own purposes.


Charity registrations

We provide advice on charity registration, including assisting with applications to the relevant charity registrar and HMRC. If you are an organisation thinking about registering as a charity or an existing charity looking to amend your governing document, contact us to discuss your needs.


Unsure? Get in touch to discuss your needs and we can advise you of the best options for your co‑op

Five things needed before registration

A completed business plan. You should already have a business plan in place.

Be sure that your business is right as a co‑operative. Here are some simple questions to help you consider is a co‑op is right for you?

Have you worked through the building blocks of your co-operative structure? If you have not considered this yet, read our steps on the legal and governance options for your co‑operative which includes:

  • Completing our ‘select-a-structure’ tool
  • Identifying the most appropriate legal form
  • Choosing a governing document, where a model one is available

Do you have a name for your co‑op? We have created some guidance for choosing a name for your co‑operative.

Do you have founder members and directors? In order to register you will need at least two directors, and three founder members who will be asked to sign the registration paperwork. You wil also need to decide who is going to take on the role of the secretary.

Additional support

If you require specific support or a helping hand at in the early stages of your co‑operative, through to registration, it is possible to apply to The Hive, which offers a bespoke package of up to 10 days support including direct business support, peer mentoring and training.