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“Co-operatives UK really helped us to get going with practical advice... My only regret really was not contacting them sooner!” Public Affairs Co-operative

Governance advice

Good governance is fundamental to successful co‑operatives. Governance advice we offer:

  • Our Contact Package offers our members unique access to the best support from some of the UK’s leading advisers on co-operative governance, finance, HR and membership.
  • A range of audit and support services, from training courses, governance reviews and director and board evaluations designed to give you an objective review of performance and prioritise improvements.

HR advice

Because people are at the heart of a successful co‑operative business, we offer a specialist HR service designed specifically for co‑operatives. HR advice we offer:

  • A bespoke HR package including high quality services, from expert advice on employment law and cost savings on market-leading HR resources. 
  • A range of audits and advocacy services, from reviewing your organisational design to handling settlements, representation and facilitation.

Finance advice

Our finance support can help your co‑op get to grips with your its finance needs. Finance advice we offer:

  • Our contact package gives you access to a co‑operative finance expert who can help with queries ranging from advice on dividend payments and accounting for society shares to tax reliefs and audit requirements.
  • A line about community shares support

Membership advice

Members are the lifeblood of a co‑operative, and are critical to its success. It is important to keep members engaged as your co‑operative grows and develops. Membership advice we offer:

  • Review a specific element of your membership practices or provide a complete health check, such as your member register, policies and procedures against best co‑operative practice.
  • Facilitate sessions to motivate and educate your new employees, members or Directors about co‑ops – what they are, where they have come from and why they are a good thing. 

Unsure? Get in touch to discuss your needs and we can advise you of the best options for your co‑op

Additional services

We also offer the following services – contact us to discuss your requirements:

  • Mergers: We offer the legal, financial and governance advice needed for end-to-end support through the process of mergers. Price on application. 
  • Winding up: We provide the necessary support to wind up co‑operatives. Our advice will help ensure you meet statutory requirements while still catering for members’ needs – even in the final stages. Price on application.

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