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We offer a range of tailored advice to address current or future business needs. 



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Board evaluations

  • Board Performance Review: Our experts will work with your board to undertake an evaluation of its overall performance and effectiveness through a mixture of questionnaires, observations and discussions and provide a comprehensive and independent report outlining areas of excellence and development and can work with your board to help you to draw up an action plan for next steps. The review can be conducted using generic criteria or can be tailored to your co-op using bespoke, agreed criteria. 
  • Competency Framework Development: Our experts will work with your Board to discuss the skills, experience and personal attributes – including minimum competencies – required to ensure it has the right people with the right skills to lead your co-op. We will draw up a competency framework that your co-op can use to assist its nomination and election processes and use as a basis for its regular performance reviews.


Director evaluations

  • Director performance review: Our experts will work with your Board to undertake a review of its individual directors skills, experience and knowledge. Each director will be asked to assess their own performance against agreed criteria. We will provide a comprehensive report that will provide details on each director outlining areas of excellence and and development and training needs. We will also provide a complete Board Skills Review report that will compile and analyse all of the information from the Director Performance Reviews along with recommendations for improvement that we can work with your Board to discuss and implement.
  • Director performance – peer group review: For a wider and more comprehensive look at your director’s performance, our experts can facilitate a process whereby each director’s performance will be reviewed based on how it is perceived by the other directors. Our experts will provide a report to each director, and the Secretary of your co-op, along with a confidential feedback session.


Facilitated business workshops

  • We offer workshop facilitation to support your co-op to make important decisions about its future.
  • This might be facilitating a business strategy workshop or Board away day, or facilitating a workshop to deal with a particular issue such as your board composition or whether to merge with another organisation. We will enable a systematic and objective process and can provide a write up of the session and a report recommending associated next steps.


Other services

  • Mediation: We lead a confidential and independent process to support your co‑operative, assisting communications and helping parties negotiate compromises and reach binding resolutions.


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