Specialist governance support

Co-operatives UK members benefit from specialist governance support when they need it.

We offer a range of services to help your farming co-operative reach its potential. All members with the Agricultural Package are eligible to receive one of these services a year and enjoy a 25% discount on any additional services.

Governance health check

Good governance is at the heart of a successful co-operative. We will work with you to audit a specific element of your governance or provide a complete health check of your governance arrangements against best practice. You will receive a full, independent report outlining areas of excellence and development.

Board performance review

Ensuring your co-op has the right mix of skills, culture and behaviours is essential for any co-operative. We can undertake a thorough evaluation of your board’s performance, providing you with a map of strengths and areas for development and a plan for developing what you need to achieve or maintain excellence.

Director development needs analysis

Vital to a successful board is a mix of people with the right skills and behaviours to provide strategic direction and hold management to account. We can provide an analysis of the strengths or your directors, as well as key gaps, so you can identify where development is or will be needed.

Director performance appraisal

A high performing board gets the most out of each of its directors. Using our tried and tested model for evaluating director performance, we offer a process that engages your directors and provides a thorough analysis of each director’s performance, ready for you to take action on. Read a case study about peer group evaluation.

“Membership of Co-operatives UK helps us to promote the importance of agri-businesses working together. We have more than 3,000 farmer members across the UK and being part of this national body means that through us, they are being represented at a national policy level.”  Clarke Willis, Anglia Farmers

More information on our advice offering, including govering document amends and mediation services, can be found here.  

To discuss our governance services contact Agriculture Manager Richard Self.