Influencing farming policy

By joining Co-operatives UK you will have a stronger voice to promote farmer collaboration to government, industry bodies and the wider public.

Agriculture is one of the sectors of industry that will be most affected by the referendum decision to leave the EU. It will result in significant changes to international trade, financial support, farm profitability and agricultural policy. More than ever this means the UK's farming co-operatives must pull in the same direction to ensure their collective voice carries weight with poliucy decision-makers.

Our growing network of agriculture members includes Arla FoodsKent Wool Growers Limited, First Milk, Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative, Clynderwen and Cardiganshire Farmers, Camgrain, British Growers Association, Openfield Group, Dengie Crops, Woldmarsh Producers, Anglia Farmers and Hay and Brecon Farmers. Together, we are working to ensure that the interests of agricultural co-operatives are met in post-Brexit Britain. 

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Set the agenda

Co-operatives UK members play a huge role in setting our policy agenda. From attending roundtables to feeding into relevant consultations, we ensure you are with us every step of the way. Our communications activity, including one-to-one metings with Agriculture Manager Richard Self and farmer-focused e-bulletins, ensures members remain up to date on all policy activity. View our full range of members via our business directory.

"The co-operative model has enabled many businesses to develop, make investment decisions with long-term horizons and prepare for changing markets... Co-operatives improve the bargaining power of their members and allow them to benefit from economies of scale." Peter Lauritzen, Chief Executive, Arla Foods UK

For more information on our policy objectives contact Policy Officer James Wright or Agriculture Manager Richard Self.