Join the Global #ClimateStrike on 20 September

Co-operatives UK is joining the Global #ClimateStrike on 20 September. We're encouraging our members and the wider co-op movement to back the millions of young people sounding the alarm to governments globally that 'business as usual' on climate change isn't good enough. 

What will your co-op do to support the Global #ClimateStrike?

We'll compile a list of UK co-op activity, so we can amplify the co-op movement's voice on this global issue. This will also help local co-ops join together for greater impact. Let us know your plans by filling in the form below.

Ways for your co-op to join the Global #ClimateStrike

Include a contact email if you would like to be connected to other co-ops in your area taking part in the Global #ClimateStrike, or if you would like to meet up with Co-operatives UK in Manchester on 20 September.

How will you be joining the Global #ClimateStrike?

Let us know details of where you'll be striking or other ways you'll be standing in solidarity with young people across the world for the Global #ClimateStrike