Because the policy environment in Scotland differs from the rest of the United Kingdom, Co-operatives UK has a programme of policy work for Scotland.

Who owns and controls assets, capital and enterprise makes a big difference to what the economy ultimately delivers. Working in partnership with our members in Scotland, Co-operatives UK will push economic ownership up the Scottish policy agenda and position co-operatives as a great means for people to take more ownership and control of their economy.     

In order to further this agenda we will focus our efforts on influencing two areas of policy development between now and the end of the Parliament in 2021:

  • Community empowerment
  • Inclusive growth

We run the Cross Party Group on Co-operatives in the Scottish Parliament, which will be our primary means of engaging with MSPs and other stakeholders on these issues. 

We work closely with members in Scotland to lobby for our aims. If you are a member of Co-operatives UK based in Scotland and would like to be more involved in the policy work and lobbying in Scotland please contact our Policy Officer: [email protected].

For more details on our work in Scotland, see below.