Community co-operation in the COVID-19 recovery


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This is our response to the Prime Minister’s call for proposals for how civil society, community groups and social enterprise can be supported to contribute to ‘levelling up’ and the COVID-19 recovery.  

We make 7 recommendations:

1. Make a one-off £20 million grant to help capitalise a new Community Shares Institutional Investor

2. Provide £5 million over five years to support more communities to use Community Shares effectively

3. Fund initiatives that nurture and mobilise social capital in high deprivation communities

4. Fund bespoke peer coaching and mentoring initiatives in high deprivation communities

5. Fund programmes to develop the efficacy of existing community organisations

6. Help fund the expansion of the ‘platform co-op accelerator’ to towns and cities across the UK

7. Include a significant role for community-led economic development in new post-Brexit schemes for ‘levelling up’ 

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