Training workshop | How to have quality conversations within your co-op – Online

Join Jenny Holsgrove from Co-operatives UK for this online training workshop on Tuesday 13 October from 9.30am-2.30pm. 

About the training

Do you know how to have quality conversations in your co-op which ensure all voices are heard and reach the desired outcomes? This session will highlight the importance of having quality conversations within your co-op. 
This session explores the principles of strength-based conversations. This is a skill which celebrates the differences between individuals and what they can bring to a conversation. It also encourages you to have more complex and/or courageous conversations in your co-op. 
The session includes:

  • How to have quality conversations within your co-op.
  • How to reach good outcomes and how we can help voices to be heard.
  • How to focus on an person's strengths and abilities, not weaknesses and challenges.
  • How to listen well and how to consider emotional intelligence and empathy.
  • Practice-based conversations based on a loose framework.


  • This training seminar takes place on Zoom for 5 hours.
  • A mix of presentation, Q&A and break-out sessions.
  • Time for refreshment and lunch breaks is included in the session.

How much does it cost?

  • £50 + VAT for members of Co-operatives UK
  • £72 + VAT for non-members. Co-operatives UK members receive 30% off all paid events – plus LOTS more benefits. Learn about Co-operatives UK membership.

What you will learn

This workshop provides an inspiring and practical introduction to the theory and application of strengths-based conversations. It will equip you with the skills and techniques to help you start your journey to a strengths-based culture. The session will:

  • Clarify the meaning(s) of Quality Conversations, how to have quality conversations within your co-op and how to listen well.
  • Identify the skills, capabilities required
  • Outline and practice a Coaching model
  • Through practice – identify your own strengths around Coaching
  • How to reach good outcomes and how we can help voices to be heard
  • How to focus on a person's strengths and abilities, not weaknesses and challenges.
  • Considering emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Provide you with a suite of tips, tools, techniques and models to utilise

Who should attend

  • Any co-op wanting to improve collaboration and communication between people and/or teams
  • Anyone interested in developing their communications skills across your co-op
  • Anyone managing a team or management
  • Anyone aspiring to progress within their co-op

About the facilitator

Jenny's experience of forming communities, culture change and engagement in the workplace stems from her PhD in community formation. She has presented her research at national and international conferences. She has worked with Local Government and the NHS, supporting their strong working cultures. 

As Head of Culture and Performance at Co-operatives UK, Jenny is supporting the organisation to:

  • Develop and enhance its working environment 
  • Provide support to members to empower the sector to recognise the impact of co-op values, principles and cultures. 

Jenny has a wide range of experience helping  organisations create cultural shifts so that they can work more effectively and cooperatively. Providing support in areas such as: diagnostics, staff surveys, challenging conversations, culture, community formation, values, leadership and coaching.

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Event details
Date and time
Tuesday, 13 October 2020 - 9:30am to 2:30pm
Online via Zoom
United Kingdom
Members £50 + VAT / Non members £72 + VAT
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Updated: 26/08/2020