Our strategy

More than a business assocation, Co-operatives UK is a network of thousands of co-operatives. Alongside our members, we work consistently and single-mindedly to grow the co-operative economy by promoting, developing and uniting co-operatives.

The true test of an organisation is whether, if it were not there, you would need to create it. Without Co-operatives UK's  facilitating connections and mutual learning, or leading on media relations and lobbying work, the co-operative sector would be weaker.

But we can always do this better. To this end, Co-operatives UK’s Board has developed a new three-year strategy, for 2018 to 2020, to ensure that the organisation is able to promote, develop and unite co-operatives, both now and in the future. Read our Annual Report 2019 here.

Be an authorative campaigning voice for co-ops

We know that co-operatives are largely satisfied with their membership of Co-operatives UK. But the best co-operatives keep on creating more and more value for their members. Over the strategy period and beyond we will be working with members to further establish our media voice on key economic and governance issues. We will work hard to influence public policy to the benefit of our members and the wider movement. We will also enable members to tell their co-op story through the creation and distribution of effective campaigning materials.

Be the place where any co-op can find the advice it needs

Co-operatives UK has unrivalled expertise in co-operative governance, both for fledgling enterprises and established large co-operatives. By leveraging expertise in the UK co-operative sector, Co-operatives UK will provide essential leadership, innovation and best practice in starting and running a co-operative. We will continue to diversify our advice offering to cater for demand and need and also to support and facilitate a new wave of co-ops. In essence, when needed, high quality advice from Co-operatives UK will be available to help start and grow any co-operative business.

Be at the heart of a thriving network of co-ops

Our work will enable more members than ever to connect, learn and trade with one another. We will also ensure members are committed to take action in line with the National Co-operative Development Strategy. We recognise there are co-ops, either direct members or those within membership or those affiliated to us through our federal members, who do not feel part of Britain's wider co-operative business community. We will be working hard to strengthen our network through closer ties with these organisations and businesses.

Co-operatives UK needs to be surer than ever that it is serving its existing members and attracting new ones. But above all the three year strategy is a way for Co-operatives UK to deliver on its purpose of growing the co-operative economy.