Healthchecks and document reviews

We offer a range of healthchecks and document reviews to address current or future business needs. 



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Governance healthchecks

We provide a range of services designed to give you a snapshot of the health of your co-op’s governance. Our experts can:

  • Look at a specific governance practices, for example your board committees or your membership application process, and review how effective they are and provide recommendations for improvement. Prices from £400 plus VAT.
  • Undertake a complete healthcheck of your governance practices using a set of agreed best practice principles, we will provide a comprehensive and independent report outlining areas of excellence, risks and development and can work with your board to help you to draw up an action plan for next steps. Prices from £500 plus VAT.


Governing Document Reviews

  • As circumstances change it is important that your co‑op’s governing document changes too – be it your Rules, your Articles or your constitution. We can help whether you need a minor update or a complete review, and will make sure that any changes reflect the law, we will also provide advice on best governance practice. We will assist you to work with your members to adopt the amended governing document and will make sure that all of the correct forms are filed on your behalf with your Regulator.

Prices from £400 plus VAT for Co‑operatives UK members.


Review your policy documents

  • Co‑operatives often need additional policies – such as member agreements or secondary rules – to aid their governance.
  • We can review governance documents and policies to bring them into line with current requirements or draft bespoke policies that meet your governance needs, including: secondary rules or standing orders, terms of reference for board committees or governance processes including matters reserved for the board and inductions.

Prices from £300+VAT for Co‑operatives UK members.


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