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We're joining the Global #ClimateStrike. What can you do?

Co-operatives UK is joining the Global #ClimateStrike on 20 September. We're encouraging our members and the wider co-op movement to back the millions of young people sounding the alarm to governments globally that 'business as usual' on climate change isn't good enough. 

What is the Global #ClimateStrike?

Over the past year, young people across the world have taken to the streets shouting loud about climate change. What started as a one-person protest by Greta Thunberg has grown to a movement of millions, sacrificing their #FridaysForFuture in over 160 countries in at least 2000 locations.

Now young people are calling for adults to join in. The Global #ClimateStrike is a global movement designed to disrupt 'business as usual'. The strike, which takes place on 20 September (or between 20-27 September worldwide) asks the world to leave their homes, jobs, schools to sound the alarm and demand an end to the age of fossil fuels.


  1. Co-operatives UK will be attending the event and march taking place in MANCHESTER – we welcome co-ops from Greater Manchester and the North West to join us – let us know so we can share our plan for the day.
  2. There are strikes taking place across the UK – and across the world. Find a strike taking place near you.
  3. Not able to strike? We recognise that not all co-ops or workers will be able to strike. There are LOTS of other ways you can stand in solidarity with young climate change campaigners. 


  • Fill in a short form so we can complile a list of UK co-op activity and amplify the co-op movement's voice on this global issue. It will also help local co-ops join together for greater impact.
  • Tag @CooperativesUK on Twitter and we'll retweet your messages about what you're doing to support the Global #ClimateStrike.

Co-ops have always been at the forefront of climate change activism, and we're standing in solidarity with young campaigners, who are the co-operators of the future. 

We know that not every worker will be able to strike, but we urge co-ops to support this global activity if they can. Take action in your workplace or community, pledge to help the environment through reducing plastic waste, for example, or share messages of support on social media. 

We're raising our voices alongside an army of young people, so that government can no longer continue to ignore the climate emergency.

Ed Mayo, Secretary General, Co-operatives UK

Written by Ed Mayo
Updated: 12/09/2019