Centre for SME Development: The Time for Worker Co-ops? - Online

This event is organised by the Centre for SME Development.

Worker co-operatives could be key to creating decent new livelihoods post COVID-19. Aimed at entrepreneurs, freelancers and local decision makers this webinar will be an open and accessible introduction to exploring the possibility of growing these businesses in Preston.

This session will open with the basics of starting and running a workers' co-operative, some of the support available to do this, and why co-ops are the way to go. Whether you are a freelancer or someone considering starting up a new business or are someone curious to hear more come along to this session to get inspired and find out how to take the next step.

With guest speaker Damon Horrill joining, we will focus on the network of community run pubs from the Weaver Valley in Cheshire he established, how he went about setting up as a coop, the different environment this creates for both the workers and the clients of the pubs, and how this extends out into the community.

Attendees to the webinar can expect to leave the session

  • With a basic understanding of the structures and benefits of worker co-operatives
  • An overview of the practical steps needed to start a new worker co-op
  • Where to go next to find out more.

Delivered in collaboration with Preston Cooperative Development Network, Preston City Council, UCLAN Centre for SME and Co-operatives UK. This session aims to start a conversation with people and businesses in Preston about the practical steps and value of converting to worker and employee ownership, and what support can be provided for Preston businesses considering this option.


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Date and time
Wednesday, 30 September 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm
United Kingdom
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Updated: 14/09/2020