Select-a-Structure Tool

This tool is designed to support new start organisations to determine the most appropriate legal structure and maybe useful for existing organisations that are looking to amend their current legal structure.

How does the tool work?

  • You will be asked a series of questions about your organisation.  
  • The answers you give will lead to some of the legal structure options becoming less likely, or unlikely for your organisation. Those marked less likely are still possibilities but probably will not be your first choice; and those remaining are most likely suitable for your organisation.
  • At the end, you will be left with a list of possible legal structures dependant on the answers given.  If more than one option remains likely in any list you may well have a choice. If all options are marked unlikely in either list you may need to re-visit the answers given, or you may want a mix of features that simply cannot be achieved.

Getting Started

  • Choose the most appropriate version of the tool to use.

Which version of the tool to choose?

Choose Full Select-a-Structure if you are using the tool for the first time.

Choose Express Select-a-Structure if you are familiar with the tool.

  • Provide us with some information about you and your organisation.  This will allow us to email you with your results and monitor the different types of organisations using the tool.  Don't worry, the answers you give will not be shared with a third party.
  • The tool uses certain terms that you may not be familiar with, such as 'legal form' and 'organisational' type. If you unsure of the meaning of these terms, consult our Simply Legal publication.


This select-a-structure tool is intended to give general information about the range of legal structures and organisational types that may be suitable for a range of organisations and does not constitute legal advice. Should you require some assistance after receiving the results generated by the tool, please contact us.