Get involved in policy

Speaking with a strong collective voice is key to the success of any lobbying or policy campaign. When we act together, we legitimise our message and make more of an impact.

Where possible we’ll give our members an opportunity to get involved in consultation responses. And we’ll regularly consult them ourselves on our own policy positions, and in setting future policy priorities. 

Ways to get involved in 2020

All members of Co-operatives UK are encouraged to get involved in our advocacy work. Here are some of the things we plan to work on in 2019 that will be strengthened by member participation:

  • UK Shared Prosperity Fund: campaigning for community economic development, read more and get involved
  • Spending Review: campaigning for funding to help people understand and adopt worker ownership models, including at start-up and early evolution, using worker co-op models 
  • Social Investment Tax Relief Review: making the relief work to co-ops and community investment, read more and get involved
  • Social Sector Forum: feeding in priorities for making the society legal forms more user-friendly

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Contact our Policy Officer James Wright via email or on 0161 2141775.